General Rules, Guidelines, Terms and Conditions for the Provisioning of Services   

 Introduction and General Provisions – Integrated Quick Solutions Co.

Integrated Quick Solutions Co. ( IQS) ensures to provide high quality services with continuous improvement to our valued customers such services are in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and National Transformation Program 2020.

In presenting the shipment for carriage, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions of carriage and that this Waybill is NON-NEGOTIABLE and has been prepared by the customer or on the customer’s behalf by  IQS. As used in these conditions,  IQincludes Integrated Quick Solutions Contracting Co. L.L.C, all operating divisions and subsidiaries of  IQS   , and their respective agents, servants, officers and These conditions shall govern and apply to all services provided by  IQ. By Signing this waybill, the customer acknowledges that he/she has read these conditions and agrees to be bound by each of them.  IQshall not be bound by any agreement which varies from these conditions, unless such agreement is in writing and signed by an authorized representative of  IQS. In the absence of such written agreement, these conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between  IQand each of its customers. No employee of IQshall have the authority to alter or waive these terms and conditions, except as stated herein

Definitions for general rules, terms and conditions of service are shown as follows:

Article 1: Definitions

   IQS: Is an Integrated Quick Solutions Contracting Co.’s trademark that represents the Company, Our Branches, Our staff, and Our services to Our Valued customers.

  Postal Items: Includes letters, postcards, publications, printed and written materials for the blind and postal packets sent by post or person.
  Packages: Each package, box, bag, box, covered or other materialized item.

  Postal Items:  Parcel includes postal items and the like and all that can be transported by mail.
  Shipper: The sender or shipper of the postal material (beneficiary).
  Consignee The receiver or consignee of the postal material.
  Service Contract (Waybill): A service contract between Shipper and  IQthat contains Shipment Information, Service Type, Shipper Details, Consignee Details, and Conditions of Carriage. 

Article 2: Obligations and Responsibilities:

Shipper Obligations:

        A.      The shipper is obliged to pay for the required service.

        B.      The shipper undertakes that each postal item / Shipment shall be adequately described in the Waybill.

        C.      The shipper undertakes to provide the correct receiver and consignee details and ensures to pack the shipment securely to ensure its secure transportation and handling within the                 care of IQS . Otherwise, IQis not responsible for any defects or damages incurred on the postal item.

               D.      The shipper is solely responsible for all costs and expenses that incurs, not limited to, entry fees, customs duties, other taxes or levies related to postal materials, and any costs                 or expenses incurred or Return charges of the postal items back to the shipper, including placing or disposing of postal materials in the warehouse or in any form of disposal.

I Q   Obligations:

          A.     IQis committed to deliver the postal materials to the address of the addressee indicated in the Waybill or to delegate it after verification of the recipient's identity. Otherwise,                 the postal materials shall be retrieved and delivered to the actual recipient.

                B.     IQagrees, subject to payment declared service rates in effect on the date of acceptance by IQof a customer’s shipment, to arrange for the transportation of the shipment                 between the locations agreed upon by IQand the customer.

                C.     IQreserves the right to transport the customer’s shipment by any route and procedure and by successive carriers and according to its own.

Article 3: Rules and Regulations on Compensations

                A.    IQis solely responsible for the customer’s shipments that are only within IQS’s custody and control. IQshall not be liable for loss or damage of a shipment while the shipment is                      out of IQS’s custody or control.

                B.    Claims shall be submitted within maximum 30 days from shipping date else IQshall be exempted from any liability for the provisioning of services or                  shipment transported. IQLimited  Liability per shipment is of whichever value is lower: 
                 (a) the value of the goods placed on postal materials at the time of receiving by IQRepresentative; or (b) USD 25 or its equivalent for each postal item.

Article 4: Restrictions or Exceptions to the Provisioning of Service

Exceptions to the Provisioning of Services: 

        A.    IQshall not be liable for any delay such as, not limited to, delays in receiving, transporting or delivering any postal material, or any mis-delivery or non-delivery of postal material                 for any of the following reasons

                1.    Negligence or negligence on the part of the shipper, consignee or any other party claiming to have an independent interest in postal materials, including any breach of the                      terms herein

                2.       The nature of the postal item or any defect in them, their characteristics or cause thereo

                3.       Judgment and fate (force majeure, which includes, but is not limited to, industrial or political disputes, vehicle hijacking, war or threats to it, the actions of foreign governments,                         and any other reason beyond the reasonable control IQ).

        B.  The right to inspect and verify the weight and service selected:

                    1.        IQreserves the right to open, inspect and weigh any shipment consigned by a customer to ensure that it is capable of carriage to the destination within the standard                         customs procedures and handling methods of IQand IQdoes not warrant any particular item to be carried is capable of carriage

                    2.       IQreserves the right to abandon carriage of any shipment at any time after acceptance when such shipment could possibly cause damage or delay to other                         shipments, equipment or personnel, or when any such carriage is prohibited by law or is in violation of any of the conditions contained herein

3.        IQmay take the appropriate corrections to the Waybill if the restricted information for the type of service and the post-weight are incorrect and will be entitled to incur additional charges that will be required for the shipper’s confirmation prior to continuation of the provisioning of the service.

   C.     Materials Not Acceptable for Shipping (not limited to):

Fireworks, explosives, airbags, explosive chemicals; biological materials, food, food and human waste, living and dead organisms, toxic substances; alcohols and drugs, Weapons and military techniques, weapons of all kinds, parts of the weapon, electro-shock devices, swords, pepper spray, and replica games on the weapon, Flammable materials nail polish, hairspray, electronic cigarette with or without tobacco, perfume, Medicines, medical drugs and stimulants of all kinds, vitamins, some sports drinks, medicines for which papers are not available for shipping; currencies and legal documents coins, checks, personal papers (civil ID, passport), official papers, magazines; Forms, sex toys and games, materials that violate the laws and regulations of the state; Cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and lighters; Liquids and powder powders;

Article 5: Rules and Procedures for Requesting the Return of Postal Items, or Address Amendment:

    A.      Upon shipper requests to return the shipment, the shipper shall bear the cost of shipping charges from the present shipment location to the shipper’s location within reference to the declared service rates.

    B.      The shipper shall bear any additional charges resulting from modifying the address sent after the completion of the shipping procedures.

    C.      The shipper shall bear all costs, charges and fees incurred for the return, storage, or the disposal of undelivered shipments.

Article (6): Rules and Procedures for shipments that are undelivered, abandoned or abandoned and returned:

            A.      If the shipments cannot be delivered for any reason and the shipper abandons the shipment; IQS has the right to dispose of it at will after 120 days from the date of the consignment                        in accordance to its regulations.

            B.      If the shipper requests to return the undelivered shipment back to him; a return charge shall be invoiced to shipper upon return along with any governmental fees or taxes incurred on              the shipment and the return charges will be as declared service rates.

            C.      If the shipment has incurred charges and the shipper or consignee has refused to pay such charges; IQS reserves the right to hold or dispose of the shipment at will after 120 days                        from receiving the consignment.

Article 7: Implications of Breach or Failure to Execute Obligations

    A.      Incomplete Information or Mis-Declaration of Description:
         The shipper undertakes and agrees that IQS may suspend, cancel, postpone or refuse any postal material or part of it prior to accepting or forwarding in the event of unacceptable content           within the postal material, whether intentionally or unintentionally and without any form of liability by IQ.

        B.      Failure in the Supplied Delivery Information of the Shipment:

           IQshall not be liable for any delay such as delay in receiving, transporting or delivering any postal material if the delivery information is incorrect or incomplete.

Article 8: Complaints

IQalways strives to develop its services to its valued customers. Effective complaints management and customer feedback are essential to provide high-quality services and provide channels through which we can obtain customer feedback and complaints.

 Our Communication Channels:


Toll-Free Number: 8001240128

Complaint Requests:

       (A)   Your complaint will be acknowledged immediately by Providing a Ticket Reference through SMS or Email.

       (B)   Your complaint will be processed by a competent complaint processing department within 10 working days and a response will be sent