Quality standards

IQS seeks to provide services shipping, warehousing and logistics services with the highest quality standards available and compatible with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 and the National Program of Transformation 2020

The company is keen to meet the aspirations and needs of its customers by offering comprehensive and innovative solutions based on quality local and international standards and using the
latest technologies and concepts that is aligned with the company's vision, strategy, and their approved values.

 :Our aim is to achieve the following goals and aspiration

·         Continuous Improvement with the necessary means to implement the Company's Governance Code including strategic powers, policies and procedures in compliance with the regulations, rules and instructions governing the Company's internal and external work, best practices and international standards.

·         Work on the development and automation of procedures of the E-Strategy and to achieve the highest operational efficiency rates and operational control procedures and activating the role of quality control.

·         Meet the aspirations of customers by providing the latest technological solutions within the shipping, warehousing, logistical services as well as to accommodate solutions that is recognized internationally.

·         Adhere and Focus to our customer and consumer feedback that will enable us to work continuously improving our services to reach utmost customer satisfaction.

·         Build a long-term and solid relationships with suppliers, contractors and partners to provide the quality desired by our customers.

·         Ensure to raise awareness level amongst employees, and establish a Critical To Quality work environment through continuous training and development programs on the latest technologies and changes in the field of shipping, warehousing, logistics, customer solutions, quality standards and management concepts that aligns with company’s objectives.