Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is IQS Head Office? What is their Website?

IQis situated in the Kingdom’s Capital Riyadh City, Al Izdihar District, Othman Bin Affan Street Exit. You can look up our coordinates on location maps or visit our homepage

What does IQS Specialize in?

IQis a Saudi Company specialized in Freight Shipping, Express Shipping, Warehousing, Clearance, and Transportation. We provide a complete End-To-End Supply Chain Solutions to meet your business demands.

How can I know my shipment status?

You can visit our website on  and type in your tracking number on the tracking field to look up your shipment status.

How to write addresses on letters / packages (what information should be mentioned in the address)?

Other than Your Shipper Details, and Shipment Description. To succeed and have a smooth delivery, the following information on the receiver details must be mentioned.

The recipient's name

Company name (if sent to a company / institution)

Apartment / Villa No.

Building / Complex Number (in some cases)

The name of the road

Closest Landmark

The name of the district and district


contact number            


How can I make sure the shipment has arrived?

You will receive a message to the registered mobile number or to your registered email address containing your shipment number.

Is It within the company  I Q Privacy to my information upon registration and the privacy of my credit card information?

Yes, company guarantee you IQPrivacy Policy covers your personal information and payment details through our encryption and electronic protection.

What should I do if I receive an incomplete order or a different or damaged product?

We follow a procedure to ensure the accuracy and correctness of your correct arrival on time. But when something goes wrong, we regret it and apologize for it. But when it happens; you can contact us by sending an email with the shipment number on  <> .

Can you ship to and from Saudi Arabia?

Yes, we can ship anywhere internally and out oh

Is Cash on Delivery available?

Yes, Cash on Delivery is available

Can I modify the address when the shipment arrives at your warehouse?

Yes, you have the right to edit.

What is the difference between the actual weight and the volumetric weight of the shipment?

The actual weight represents the gross weight of the package while the volumetric weight indicates the dimensions of the package Length × Width × height divided by 5000.

What is prohibited from importing or exporting from / to Saudi Arabia?

Please refer to the Prohibited Items page